How to find a great Hair Stylist.

When you are looking for a new Hair stylist, it’s important they ask you a lot of questions about your hair needs.  

I have a list of questions I ask my clients, before I work with them.

How much time do you spend on your hair daily?
Are you looking for a new look?
How was your last haircut or color?
What hair care products are you currently using & is it working for you?
These are just a few questions I ask.
One of the question I ask that often surprise my new clients is “what would you like your hair to say about you?”
When cutting hair, I take the time to cut the hair  wet & dry.  I do a lot of dry cutting because the hair is in a different texture.  I get to see exactly what the hair does when it’s dry.
When you get a great haircut, it should grow out well.  I have clients that I haven’t seen in months and their hair still looks amazing.
Good luck in searching for your perfect stylist….
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